The Treasury Division of ZTBL was formally established on May 08, 2012 after the approval of Board of Directors (BOD). To run treasury operations on professional grounds, BOD also approved Treasury Investment Policy, Treasury Manual, Contingency Plan and Brokerage lines. It has been ensured that Treasury Division (TD) will strictly work under approved policies and guidelines for BOD and will operate within pre-specified line and limits. It is responsibility of each member of treasury division to ensure compliance of terms and conditions laid down in this policy documents according to his/her role and as defined in Treasury Manual and their specific job description. All funds available to TD will be utilized optimally, timely and in a professional manner. Any exception may be granted based on its rationale and justification and prior approval from ALCO.

The objectives of the above policy documents are to define the minimum standards and controls that need to be complied to cover risks while placing, investing or borrowing funds. These risks relate to interest rate risk, market risk, exposure risk, liquidity and delivery risks. Therefore, it is an area where significant control and review measures need to be adopted by concerned departments/division specifically and by ALCO in general.

The Scope and objectives of Treasury Division covers all the Treasury & Investment related activities within ZTBL; whereas the main objectives are as under:

  • To maintain sufficient liquidity for the bank to honor its commitments as they fall due.
  • To maximize overall return on managed assets.
  • To manage liquidity, utilizing excess funds efficiently and arrange/borrow in case of anticipated shortfall
  • To keep ZTBL funding cost as low as possible.
  • ZTBL ability to withTo maintain liquidity in accordance with regulatory requirements.stand immediate liquidity shocks or longer term liquidity management problems depend on its capacity to make rapid decisions using factual data and take timely actions to bridge the funding gap.
  • To establish appropriate early warning signals that will help in identification of the liquidity problems.
  • Government Securities which includes Treasury Bills (T-bills), Pakistan Investment Bonds (PIB) and GoP Ijara Sukuk.
  • TDRs
  • Certificate of Investments
  • To keep ZTBL’s funding cost as low as possible.
  • Certificate of Musharika/Modaraba
  • Term Finance Certificates (TFCs)
  • Corporate Sukuk
  • Mutual Funds Investments
  • Equity Investment
  • Money market activities, Reverse Repo/ Repo/Clean/Call etc

The ZTBL Treasury Division has developed its reputation on professional grounds in financial market of Pakistan mainly in money market in the areas of call placements, Reverse repo transactions, Repo Transactions, Pre-IPO and IPO of Debt securities, Term deposit receipts, Primary and secondary market participation in Governments securities including GOP Ijara Sukuk, Investor portfolio securities services etc. on asset side and on liability and Treasury sales side, Treasury Division provides strong support to its Zones/Branches for competitive profit rates and offer tailor made investment solutions for its clients. Our client base consists of Ministries, private sector corporate clients, Multinational corporations, Banks, DFIs and HNWIs.

ZTBL money market Desk through a team of qualified and experienced professionals contributes in managing the liquidity position of the bank. The team also ensures optimal utilization of the funds by lending and borrowing in the inter-bank market depending on future cash flow projections. Profits are generated by running gaps based on current and future market outlook.

Fixed Income Sales:

ZTBL Fixed Income Trading unit plays an integral role in a market where a wide variety of government and corporate debt instruments are traded each day. Being a primary dealer, the ZTBL Fixed Income unit buys Government Securities (T-bill and PIBs) directly through auctions. The team is highly skilled at providing to its customers, strategy recommendations which are consistent with changing market condition. The desk establishes dedicated corporate relationship with each client and caters to the individual needs of corporations, Insurance Companies, pension, provident, gratuity funds, and others. We also provide our clients views on interest rates and economic conditions enabling them to make prudent investment decisions.

Our customers can invest as well as trade in following government securities by opening a special account called Investor Portfolio of Securities (IPS) Account. This facility is offered to all our customers. Customers can obtain further information about the detailed features of Government Securities through the following links:

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