SBP – One Window Operation Scheme


  • The scheme is meant for easy & quick access of production loan to the intending farmers. All formalities from issuance of Agri.Pass Book to processing of loan are done on the spot.
  • ZTBL MCO, Revenue, Postal Staff & Agriculture Department Representatives at selected focal points meet twice in a month. Days are to be manually decided by the stakeholders.
  • Blank Agri.Pass Books are supplied by the postal authorities.
  • Patwari/ Revenue official enter land record in agri-pass books.
  • Farmers after obtaining Pass Books from Revenue officials meet ZTBL MCO for loan; who process the loan on the spot & disbursement is made in the branch within stioulated period.
  • Agri.representatives from Agri.Extension Department provide relevent brochures/ material to farmer regarding latest agriculture technologies, practives etc.and also share Government Schemes/Policies availablefor the benefit of farming community.

Terms & Conditions

Operational Jurisdiction

All disctricts across the country under Pass Book system only.


All new as well as old farmers having good repayment track record are eligible for the loan.

Documents Required

CNIC copy, Loan Case File, Agri.Pass Book, Fard Jamabandi, 2 recent photographs.

Maximum Loan Limit

Rs.0.200 million per borrower under Kissan Dost Scheme and Awami Zarai Scheme (Non-Farm Credit).

Loanable Items

Inputs(Seed-fertilizer,pesticides/insecticides/POL/labour charges etc.).


Agri.Land mentioned in Agri.Pass Book.

  • Loan to be advanced for Rabi Crops (to be disbursed from 1st October to 31st March)is recoverbale on 7th July and for Kharif Crops( to be disbursed from 1st April to 30th September) on 7th January with one month grace period.
  • Loan for sugarcane is repayable in two installments on 7th January and on 7th April as per standing instructions if the Bank with one month grace period.
  • Input loans for orchard to be advanced during Rabi season are recoverable in one month installment on next 7th January and like wise input loans for orchard to be advanced during Kharif season are recoverable in next 7th July.
Rate of Mark Up

The prevailing Bank rate of markup on production loan is applicable.

Cost of Credit

As per Bank’s Rules.

As per Bank's Rules.

Strict monitoring is exercised by ensuring checking of utilization by the MCO in 100% cases and sample checking of utilization by the Manager, Zonal Manager(Recovery) and Internat Auditors of the Bank.


Strict monitoring is exercised by ensuring checking of utilization by the MCO in 100% cases and sample checking of utilization by the Manager, Zonal Manager (Recovery) and Internal Auditor of the Bank. Besides above, senior revenue officials of the district as well as officials of the Board of Revenue implement and ensure continuous operation of One Window Operations on the prescribed days & places. In case of complaints, concerned Chief Manager of SBP-BSC liaisons with the concerned quarters and the matter is resolved by the Chief Manager SBP-BSC in joint consultation with other stakeholders.

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