Sada Bahar Scheme (SBS)

In order to facilitate the farmers to have easy access towards credit with the facility of one time documentation for three years period, withdrawal of loan amount as per their requirements and deposit the same as and when funds are available with them, Bank has revived Sada Bahar Scheme.

Terms & Conditions

Operational Jurisdiction

All ZTBL branches across the country.


The scheme primarily caters to the financing requirements for working capital as well as input needs to all eligible fresh & existing farmers across the country.

Fixation/Sanction of Credit Limit
  1. The beneficiaries under the “Sada Bahar Scheme (SBS)” would be facilitated for any number of withdrawals and repayments (multiple operations), within the limit for a period of three years with one time yearly clean up from date of first withdrawal.
  2. Revolving credit limit would be worked out as per prevalent per acre crop-wise ceilings. Revolving credit limit may be sanctioned by the branch manager upto Rs. 0.700/- million per borrower/party with season-wise break up i.e. (Rabi & Kharif).
  1. The loan limit sanctioned under Sada Bahar Scheme would be valid for three years with one time documentation. The borrowers would be required to clear the outstanding liabilities under the scheme once in a year by the due/expiry date and the limit can be availed from next working day on the request of borrower.
  2. The due/expiry date of renewed limit would be for one year after the availment/1st withdrawl or completion date of three years period whichever is earlier. However, further withdrawals against the limit sanctioned under Sada Bahar Scheme would not be allowed in case:-
    1. The borrower fails to clear the outstanding liabilities under the scheme within the stipulated time.
    2. Any withdrawals against the limit exceeds the period of 12 months.
    3. Repayments are insufficient even to cover the mark up debited for the  year.
  3. All debit entries/withdrawals (excluding those relating to charging of Mark up) in a year would be treated as disbursement.
  4. Withdrawals after renewal of a limit would be treated as disbursement against the annual limit.
Documents Required

CNIC copy, Loan Case File, Agri. Pass Book/ Fard Jamabandi, 2 recent photographs.

Loanable items

Inputs (Seed, fertilizers, pesticides/insecticides, POL, labour charges etc.)

Working capital for Poultry, Dairy, Fishery & for Yak Farming

Maximum Loan Limit

Rs.0.700 million per borrower/party.


Tangible properties and all other forms of securities acceptable to the Bank.

Borrower’s Contribution

10% of the loan amount will be deposited by the borrower as self-contribution.

Cost of Credit

As per Bank’s policy for SBS.

Revival of Limit

In case of non-repayment on agreed due date, the revolving limit would be ceased. Fresh request with new L.C No. with full charges would be considered by respective Branch Manager after clearance of all outstanding dues plus total accrued mark-up. Enhancement of limit in such cases shall not be allowed within the prescribed 3 years limits.

Repayment Schedule
  1. No withdrawl in the account would remain outstanding for more than a year. Thus due/expiry date of loan disbursed (1st withdrawal) say 1st withdrawal/disbursement is made on 04.03.2018 then after completion of one year, its due date will be 03.03.2019. Similarly if 1st disbursement/withdrawal is made on 10.04.2018, its due date after completion of one year will be on 09.04.2019.
  2. Post dated cheques in the light of instructions contained in Para 9.24 & 15.27 of Credit Manual Volume-I (updated as on 31.12.2016) would also be obtained under Sada Bahar Scheme (SBS).
  3. Annual clean up after 1st disbursement/renewal of loan would be essential.
  4. Currency period of loan would remain 3 years. Subsequent loan request would be considered with fresh loan case number.
Rate of Mark Up

As per prevailing policy rate of Mark-up on SBS.


Strict monitoring is exercised by ensuring checking of utilization by the MCO in 100% cases and sample checking of utilization by the Manager, Zonal Manager (Recovery) and Internal Auditors of the Bank.

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