Kissan Assan Karobar

KISSAN ASSAN KAROBAR SCHEME (KAKS) for Landless Farmers against the Term Deposit Receipt (TDR)

To augment/enhance the Bank outreach and discover the untapped market of farming community who do not have their own land to be offered in security as well as to eliminate the role of middleman, the titled scheme has been launched to accommodate the landless farmers with the objective to enable them to obtain agricultural production/input loans on concessional rate of Mark-up against the Term Deposit Receipt with ZTBL.

Under the scheme financing upto 75% against Deposit in Saving Accounts/TDR to be placed with ZTBL by the borrower himself or by third party under Bank’s lien would be extended for short term production loans at low rate of Mark-up.



Terms & Conditions

Operational Jurisdiction:

The scheme is applicable in all ZTBL branches across the country.


1- All creditworthy tenants/landless farmers are eligible to get financing under the scheme engaged in agri. related activities.
2- The borrower/farmers must hold valid CNIC.
3- Clear CWR
4- ORR rating up to 4

Documents Required

Following documents would be obtained, duly signed by the borrowers:-

1- ZTBL Running Finance Application/Undertaking.
2- Borrower’s Basic Fact Sheet.
3- Credit Proposal (Fresh/Renewal).
4- RF Facility Letter.
5- Acceptance Letter of RF Facility by the Borrower.
6- Check List for ZRF Facility.
7- Letter of Lien against TDR.
8- Letter of Set-Off.
9- Letter of Continuity.
10-Promissory Note.

Maximum Loan Limit

Maximum 75% financing with a cap of Rs. 500,000/- against deposit with ZTBL by the farmer himself or through third party deposit under Bank’s lien.


The deposit will be held under lien during the currency period of loan.


The insurance of input loans for crops would be arranged as per Crop Loan Insurance Scheme (CLIS) policy of the Bank.


The reschedulement can be allowed as per existing policy of the Bank.

Repayment Schedule

1- Loan to be advanced for Rabi Crops (to be disbursed from 1st October to 31st December would be recoverable on 15th June & from lst January to 31st March would be repayable on 15th September) and for Kharif Crops (to be disbursed from 1st April to 30th June will be recoverable on 15th December & from 1st July to 30th September will be recoverable on 15th March).

2- Loan for sugarcane is repayable in two installments on 15th January and on 15th April as per standing instructions of the Bank

3- Input loans for orchard to be advanced during Rabi Season are recoverable in one installment on next 15th January and likewise input loans for orchard to be advanced during Kharif Season are recoverable on next 15th July.

Repayment of Mark-up would be made by the borrower on Quarterly basis.

Rate of Profit on Deposit held

Return/Profit on TDR under the scheme will be paid at the declared rate of TDR plus 1.5% per annum.

Rate of Mark Up:

The Mark-up rate of Running Finance (RF) Facility will be charged at declared rate of Term Deposit Receipt plus 1.5% + 3.0% per annum. Return/Profit on TDR as well as mark-up on Refinance Facility once fixed, would remain unchanged during the lien period of one year.

Bank Charges

As per Bank rules

Special Incentives for the Borrowers

1- The intending borrower/customer shall be provided a debit card for convenient banking.
2- Free on line services.
3- Free cheque book.
4- Free 6 pay orders per year.

Sending & Receiving Money

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