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Establishment Of Model Village by ZTBL

In order to implement Government's vision to ensure development of Agri. Sector in a phased manner, establishment of one Model Village in each Zone of the Bank is launched. The pilot project will be implemented with the collaboration of Ministry of Food & Agriculture/ Provincial Agriculture Departments
    An exclusive Agriculture Officer/Mobile Credit Officer will be posted in each selected Model Village who will be responsible for provision of services to the farming community such as:
  • Provision of credit facilities for 100% requirements
  • Improvement of present/existing production level by introducing latest technologies among the farmers of the area in collaboration with public and private agencies dealing in farm inputs/agri-technologies.
  • Extend full support to raise income of inhabitants in dairy, poultry, livestock and bee farming etc.
  • Facilitate farmers in marketing of the ir crops/produces on the best prevailing market rates.
MCO of the Model Village will also be responsible for introduction of following latest agricultural technologies (area specific):
  1. Tunnel Farming
  2. Irrigation systems – drip, sprinkler etc.
  3. Solar tubewell system
  4. Installation of Bio-gas unit for Tubewell operation & electricity generation
  5. Windmills
  6. Quail farming
  7. Ostrich farming
  8. Fish farming
  9. Poultry farming
  10. Dairy Farming
  11. Cut flower cultivation tuberose, gladiolus etc.
  12. Ginger cultivation
  13. Bio/ Organic fertilizer
  14. Guidance to develop quality fruit plant nursery
  15. Leveling with Laser Land Leveler
  16. Use of Hybrid seed (Sunflower, maize & vegetables etc.)
  17. Balance use of fertilizer
  18. Artificial Insemination
  19. Embryo Transplantation.
  20. Animal Fattening
Documents Required: CNIC Photocopy, Loan Case File, IB-7 Agreement, Agri-Pass Book & 2 Latest Photographs.
Rate of Mark-up 14.30 % p.a in Developmwent Loan
13.5% p.a in Production Loan
Maximum Limit: Rs.1.000 million per borrower/party.
Loan Disbursement: The sanctioned loan is disbursed in cash through current deposit account of the borrower.
    Agriculture officer/MCO of Model Village will provide technical guidance and will be responsible for utilization of modern agri. Technology on the following:
  • Proper time of sowing
  • Selection of high yielding varieties
  • Seed treatment before sowing
  • Proper seed bed preparation
  • Use of hybrid/certified seed
  • Appropriate method of sowing – use of seed cum fertilizer drill
  • Appropriate method of sowing – use of seed cum fertilizer drill
  • Education of farmers regarding pest scouting
  • Proper application of pesticide
  • Awareness regarding rodent control
  • Effective weed control – use of herbicides / weedicides
  • Effective irrigation techniques – sprinkler – drip irrigation systems
  • Mechanized harvesting
  • Farm storage to save post harvest losses
  • Effective role in the marketing of produce.
Zone-wise list of Model Villages
Zone Name Distict Branch Model Village
Islamabad Rawalpindi Attock Surag Salar
Okara Okara Renala Khurd Chak No.24/2 L
Okara Depalpur Mouza Mancharian
Lahore Lahore Sharqpur Kot Mehmood
Lahore Kasur Maan
Sargodha Sargodha Bhalwal Chak No.16-SB
M.B.Din Chaillianwala Chaillianwala
M.B.Din Chaillianwala Chak Jani
M.B.Din Gojra Rairka
Faisalabad Faisalabad Faisalabad Chak 32/ JB
Faisalabad Tandlianwala Chak 409/ GB
Jhang Chiniot Chiniot Salara
Bhakkar Bhakkar Chak No.20 TDA
Gujranwala Gujranwala Wazirabad Kakka Kaulo
Sialkot Sialkot Daska Glotian Khurd
Sahiwal Sahiwal Sahiwal 92/6-R
Pakpattan Arifwala 91-EB
Vehari Vehari Tibba Sultanpur Chak Azeem
Multan Multan Multan Hamidpur Kanora
Multan Multan Mouza Ferozpur
D.G.Khan D.G. Khan D.G. Khan Khaki Garbi
Muzaffargarh Muzaffargarh Muzaffargarh Doaba
Bahawalpur Bahawalpur Bahawalpur Goth Gehna
Bahawalpur Hasilpur Chak No.87/F
Bahawal Nagar Bahawal Nagar Bahawal Nagar Toba Qalandar Shah
R.Y. Khan R.Y Khan R.Y Khan Bindor
Peshawar Peshawar Takhtbhai Jamra
D.I. Khan D.I.Khan D.I.Khan Diya
Gilgit- Baltistan Gilgit Gilgit Oshikhandas
Skardu- Balistan Skardu Alchori
Muzaffarabad Muzaffarabad Hattian Gujar Bandi
Muzaffarabad Rawalakot Dreak
Abottabad Haripur Haripur Dingi
Mansehra Mansehra Baffa
Mingora Swat Mingora Kota
Bunair Daggar Karapa
Karachi Thatta Mirpur Sakro Deh Naihki
Hyderabad Hyderabad Tando Allahyar Nasar Pur
Hyderabad T.M Khan Kamal Rasheedani Deh Abro
Shaheed Benazirbad Shaheed Benazirbad Daur Baloo -Ja-Quba
Shaheed Benazirbad Sukkur 19-Jalalani
Sukkur Ghotki Ghotki Noor Muhammad Bharo
Khairpur Mirs Khairpur Mirs Wisro Wahan
Larkana Larkana Larkana Dhamrah
Larkana Naudero Naudero
Mirpur Khas Mirpur Khas Mirpur Khas Doulatpur
Turbat Kech Turbat Absar
Quetta Quetta Quetta Kuchlack
Pishin Pishin Huramzai
D.M.Jamali Jaffarabad Sohbat Pur Khudaabad

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