ZTBL building
:: Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited::

Corporate Vision

Dedicated to serve the needs of the farming community, by delivering financial products and technical services on a competitive and sustainable basis, in a convenient , efficient and professional manner, leading to success of the Bank and the farmers

Deposit Schemes

  1. Zarai Munafa
  2. Mustaqbil Mehfooz
  3. Rozana Bachat
  4. More Schemes...

New Schemes

  1. Tahafuz-E-Samar
  2. Khusk Ratab
  3. Tobacco Barn
  4. Soghat-E-Shireen

Other Services

  1. Treasury Operations
  2. Hajj Applications
  3. Utility Bills
  4. Home Remittance

Main Schemes

Development Loan Schemes

Loans for purchase of items like farm machinery/tractors, irrigation, land development, orchard/green houses, on-farm godowns/storages, dairy, poultry, fishery, livestock farming...

Production Loan Schemes

Loans for seed, fertilizer, pesticides, labour charges etc. to grow crops and vegetables including working capital for poultry, dairy, orchard, fishery...

News & Events

Cultivation Guides

  1. Cultivation guide of Wheat
  2. Cultivation guide of Sugarcane
  3. Cultivation guide of Cotton
  4. Cultivation guide of Corn

Customer Shortcuts

  1. Account Opening Form
  2. List of Unclaimed Deposits
  3. Public Warning
  4. Tender/Auction of Land
Bank Charges for Jan-Jun 2015
Opening of ZTBL branches on Saturday from 18.10.204 to 31.12.2014